A Python-based network and host monitor

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SimpleMonitor is a Python script which monitors hosts and network connectivity. It is designed to be quick and easy to set up and lacks complex features that can make things like Nagios, OpenNMS and Zenoss overkill for a small business or home network. Remote monitor instances can send their results back to a central location.

SimpleMonitor supports:

Adding more monitor types is quite simple if you are able to code in Python.

Logging and alerting options are:

Again, adding more logging/alerting methods is simply a case of writing some Python.

SimpleMonitor also features:

Getting started

Running SimpleMonitor

That was easy.

If you want to hide all output except errors, use the -q option. If you want more verbose blah about what’s happening, use -v.

On non-Windows, SimpleMonitor runs very nicely under daemontools. You just need a run file a bit like this:


cd /usr/local/monitor && exec /usr/local/bin/python -q

On Windows hosts, you’ll have to leave it running in a Command Prompt for now; I haven’t gotten round to making it run as a service.

For help on (the scarce) command line options, run python -h.


SimpleMonitor is released under the BSD licence.

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